RTI Act, 2005

Powers and duties of its officers and employees

For smooth discharge of their functions the Managing Director and Sectional Heads derive power from the delegation of power assigned to them by the Companies Act, 2013 and Board of Director for which orders are issued from time to time. In addition, the officers and employees of the Company are also assigned duties by the Management for which administrative orders are issued from time to time.

In addition, the officers and employees of the Company are also assigned duties by the Management for which administrative orders are issued from time to time.

The following are the powers and duties of the officers and employees of the Company:


1. Managing Director: The management of the whole of the affairs of the Company and exercise the powers subject to be superintendence, control and direction of the Board of Directors of the Company.

2. Chief General Manager (Planning): All aspects relating to macro and micro planning of areas leased to the Company for management. Preparation and revision of Management Plan of area of Forest Project Divisions of the Company. Recoveries of pending claims of the Company for the area diverted as per the Government of India’s (“GOI”) order for non forestry works under Forest Conservation Act, 1980. To prefer the claims as per NPV for the areas to be diverted for non forestry works under Forest Conservation Act, 1980 to other agencies and for forestry works to Forest Department. Persuasion for the Company shares in NPV amount from Central/State government for affected areas and its utilization for afforestation and other forestry activities done by the Company. Ensure availability of planting stocks. To seeks sanction of various annual works from GOI and compliance of the same in the shape of A.T.R. etc.

3. Chief General Manager (Medicinal Plants): To in-situ conservation and development of medicinal plants, ex-situ cultivation and conservation of medical plants, establishment of medicinal plants nurseries, establishment of herbal gardens, survey and assessment of raw material, standardization of scientific harvesting technique, collection and primary processing of raw material, to facilitate buyers and sellers meet, establishment of modern laboratories and training centre, marketing and export of medicinal plants products etc, with view to ensure sustainable conservation and use of medicinal plants resources in the state.

4. General Manager (Head Quarters): Recruitment, training, establishment, deputation, sponsoring for training seminars etc. related to Head Office and also cases requiring approval of Government, Board of Directors and Managing Director. Maintenance of personnel records other than confidential records, compilation and submission of statistical information and returns to Central/State Government and other agencies. Obtaining orders/approval from Managing Director on matters referred by the General Manager(s)/Regional Manager of their region on personnel matters, recruitment policy, purchases and maintenance of vehicles, office equipments etc. To look after the office administration, hiring and maintenance of head office building, purchase and maintenance of vehicles, office equipment, general office services like in-warding mailing, purchases/printing of stationary for Head Office and correspondence pertaining to engineering work etc.

5. General Manager: The General Managers of respective regions shall take periodic reviews of the works pertaining to harvesting, thinning, plantation, nursery, protection and conservation. He has to monitor the works and ensure that the works are carried out as per sanctioned management plans with the framework of budget and rate structure. He shall take regular periodic review and monitoring of illicit felling, encroachments, wildlife poaching, forest fire, grazing etc initiate timely action to put stringent checks in place to control the adversities. He shall take stock of the issue of timely sales of forest produce, revenue generation, expenditure control, budgeting etc.

6. Controller of Accounts & Financial Advisor: In-Charge of Company's accounts and adviser to the Managing Director in financial, accounts and taxation matters. He looks after loans and borrowings, finalization of loans, allocation of funds, progress of expenditure and revenue, organising the internal audit and preparation of budget and budgetary control.

7. Company Secretary: In-Charge of the Company Law matters for compliance with statutory requirement of convening and holding meetings of the Board of Directors, Committees of Directors, shareholders, preparation of agenda, minutes and filing returns with the registrar of Companies.


8. Chief Audit Officer: He will work as internal auditor. He will assist Managing Director in administrative matters and Controller of Accounts & Financial Advisor in financial matters. Also responsible for carrying out internal audit of offices of Managing Director, General Managers, Divisional Managers of the Company.

9. Divisional Manager: Responsible for harvesting, regeneration, protection and conservation works as per the sanctioned management plans of the project division. He exercises control and supervision over the staff in his/her jurisdiction. He is responsible for protection of forest against encroachment, forest fire, theft, illicit felling/cutting, poaching, grazing, handling forest offence cases etc, He has to conduct timely sale of timber, poles, firewood etc, to optimize revenue to the Company and controlling expenditure. He operates under the administrative control of the General Manager.

10. Audit Officer: Responsible for conducting internal audit of accounts of the various offices of the Company in accordance with the program approved by the Managing Director with reference to the provisions of the Internal Audit Rules. Drafting of reports and submission to the Managing Director after finalizing the same under the guidance of the Chief Audit Officer. Scrutinizing of replies to the objection in the audit report given by the various offices and putting up to the Chief Audit Officer for acceptance or for further remarks. To watch compliance of audit reports by the various offices.

11. Assistant Manager: To supervise and control thoroughly the ongoing activities and works in the ranges allotted. He is responsible for protection and management of forest area in the concerned ranges and assists Divisional Manager in this work. He shall undertake checks to ensure proper execution of works, forest protection and implementation of management plan, harvesting, transport and sale of timber, beat inspection etc.

12. Pay and Accounts Officer: To compile accounts at Regional level and rendering them to the Head Office. Also responsible for maintaining statutory accounts register. He will work as internal auditor for Divisional Accounts.

13. Deputy Engineer: To evolve design, construction and maintenance of roads, building public health and irrigation work in the Company.

14. Assistant Pay and Accounts Officer: He will be responsible for compilation of expenditure, revenue and store accounts of a Division. He supervises office establishment. He will be responsible for scrutiny of accounts of subordinate levels before incorporation.

15. Junior Engineer: To evolve designing, construction and maintenance of roads, buildings in the Company.

16. Range Forest Officer: To carry out all works connected with forestry operation and other ancillary works according to the direction of his superiors with the help of foresters/forest guards. Disbursement of wages to the labourers, writing of daily cashbook, maintaining of cash and timber accounts. To act as custodian of Companies cash and property. Forest conservation and protection of wild life. Control and management of labourers employed.

17. Senior Auditor: To assist the Audit officer in all matters relating to the work of internal audit stipulated in job responsibility of the Audit Officer and any other work allotted by Managing Director.

18. Accountant: The Accountant work is divided into three level:

a) Head Office:

• Works relating to administration and establishment & stores to maintain accounts of C.P.F. other advances and other allied works.

• Control over budget and correspondence with government and internal matters.

• Maintenance of accounts & its related books, scrutiny and checking of bills and connected works and control. Dealing with internal audit, C.A.G. audit, statutory audit and scrutiny of replies.

• Preparation of annual Accounts and reports of the Company as per Company Rules (under the control of C.A. & F.A.) scrutiny of trial balance, compilation & other works. Timely dispatch of trial balance to G.M./R.M. after subtracting the opening balance.

• Any other works allotted by the Managing Director.

b) Regional Level:

• Establishment matters & Regional accounts

• Scrutiny of accounts under the control of PAO.

• To assist in inspection of the office of D.M.

• To keep control over budgeted grants.

• Any other work allotted by Regional Manager.

c) Divisional Level:

• Compilation of divisional accounts and control of expenditure unit book.

• Sorting and scrutiny of bills and make up-to-date entries in journals and ledgers.

• Control on annual budget and grants.

• Accounting works of establishment and administration.

• Finalization of annual accounts under the guidance of A.P. & A.O.

• Any other works assigned by D.M.

19. Higher Grade Stenographer: Short-Hand typing and works, including typing as allotted and any other related duties.

20. Statistical Assistant: To collect the data and process the data. To assist in the subjects assigned.

21. Forester: To work under the supervision of Range Forest Officer and assist them in carrying out all forestry and other ancillary works, protection of forests and preservation of wild life, investigation of offences, issue of transit passes, collection of grazing revenue and dealing with in forest offences, and any other duties that may be allotted pertaining to Forests and Forestry works.

22. Accounts Assistant: He will assist in the scrutiny and compilation of Accounts viz expenditure, revenue, stores etc. including related correspondence work, and also any other works allotted by his superiors.

23. Clerk: General clerical duties including correspondence work, filing and typing works etc. Also any other duties allotted by the superior officer.

24. Surveyor: To Survey/demarcation of forest areas to be exploited, mapping, tracing and other related work. Maintenance of relevant records including those connected table work mostly relating to area. Other items of engineering works such as preparation of plans and estimates and such other works as may be allotted by the controlling officer.

25. Mechanic: He will be responsible for proper and timely repairs and maintenance of vehicles and machinery that are entrusted to him. He will also be responsible for any other related work of the vehicles or machines as may be given by his superiors.

26. Driver: To drive and maintain the vehicles in his charge in good condition and maintaining log books.

27. Lower Grade Stenographer: Short-Hand typing and general duty work, including typing as allotted and any other related duties.

28. Steno Typist: General clerical duties including correspondence work, filing and typing works etc. Also any other duties allotted by the superior officer.

29. Forest Guard: To protect the forests, forest produce & wildlife in his beat or charge, execution of various forestry operations and detection of forest offences and any other duties that may be allotted pertaining to forests and forestry works.

30. Welder: To do welding job required in the workshop and other places.

31. Storekeeper: To maintain stores, compilation of store accounts, custody of stocks

32. Draughtsman: To assist Deputy Engineer, Junior Engineer and work under their control. To prepare necessary drawings and estimates as required.

33. Auto Electrician: To repair and maintain the automobile electric system.

34. Peon & Naik: Sundry work normally assigned to class-IV employees including personal attendance as may be required to officer attached to.

35. Cleaner: To assist drivers in maintaining the vehicle in order and attend to any other works related to the job.

36. Assistant: To render assistance in the job of vehicle maintenance, workshop, range office etc.

37. Chowkidar: Sundry work normally assigned to class IV employees, keeping strict vigil over the assets of corporation etc. including personal attendance as may be required to officer/ official attached to.