RTI Act, 2005

A statement of the Board, Councils, Committees and other bodies consisting of 2 or more persons constituted as its part or for the purpose of its advice and as to whether meetings of these boards ,Councils, Committees and other bodies are open to public, or the minutes of such meetings are accessible for Public

Board of Directors:

The Composition of the Board of Directors as given below:
S.No. DIN/PAN Name Designation Date of Appointment
1. 0007524839 Shri Chandansingh Sadhusingh Chandel Chairman & Nominee Director 22.05.2016
2. 0007121837 Shri Vikas Kharage Nominee Director 12.03.2015
3. 07858172 Shri Shree Bhagwan Nominee Director 22.06.2017
4. 07847242 Shri Sujay Deorao Dodal Nominee Director 12.06.2017
5. 07858451 Shri Anurag Chaudhary Nominee Director 22.06.2017
6. 07579215 Shri Vijay B Waghmare Nominee Director 13.06.2017
7. 0003014150 Shri U.K. Agrawal Managing Director 23.01.2017

Sub-Committees of the Board:

Board of Directors has the following sub-committees:
1. Committee for Corporate Social Responsibility
Meetings of the Boards, Committees and other bodies are not open to the Public or the minutes of such meetings are not made accessible for public for inspection.