Depot Shirsad

Name of the Depot : Shirsad
Location : On Mumbai –Ahmedabad Road National Highway No.8, 45 K. M. from Thane
Quantity at Depot : Teak Timber 30 -40 cubic meter
Non- teak Timber 400-450 cubic meter
Teak Poles 7,000-8,000 Nos.
Non-teak Poles: 3,000 Nos.
Teak Beat 2,000 Nos.
Non-teak Beat 8,000 Nos.
Lon Bamboo -- --
Bamboo bundle -- --
Area of Depot : 48.5 Hectare
Details of the Depots: Shirsad Depot is established in 1974-75. The Central Depot is selected for the purpose of Sale of Timber, Poles and Firewood, extracted from regular departmental harvesting, thinning and seized material of offence cases. The timber, poles & firewood received from the forest is graded and stacked in this depot. It is sold in open auctions.