Name of Employee Designation Region/Division Office Phone Number
Sanjeev Gaud, I.F.S Chief General Manager (Planning) Corporate Office 0712-2811957
Smt. Meera Iyer, I.F.S Chief General Manager(Medicinal Plant) Corporate Office 0712-2811939
M.Srinivasa Rao, I.F.S(Additional Charge) General Manager (HQ) Corporate Office 0712-2811967
K. V. Bhamburkar Controller of Accounts & Financial Adviser Corporate Office 0712-2811950
Saurav Singh Company Secretary Corporate Office 0712-2811945
G.C.Bokade (Additional Charge) Chief Audit Officer Corporate Office 0712-2811926
S.R. Patil Divisional Manager (PIU) Corporate Office 0712-2811938
S.R. Patil (Additional Charge) Divisional Manager Ecotourism Corporate Office 0712-2811933

Management at Nagpur Region

Name of Employee Designation Region/Division Office Phone Number
Rishikesh Ranjan, IFS General Manager Nagpur 0712-2811912
P.B. Panchbhai Divisional Manager Gorewada 0712-2030097
B.S. Kopulwar Divisional Manager Yeotmal 07232-242046
S.H.Waje Divisional Manager Kinvat 02469-222041
S.G. Shambharkar Divisional Manager Nagpur 0712-2030097
N. K. Singh, IFS Divisional Manager Bhandara 07184-252406
Ms. Divya Bharti, IFS (On leave)
N. K. Singh, IFS (Additional Charge)
Divisional Manager Gondia 07182-237069

Management at Chandrapur Region

Name of Employee Designation Chandrapur Office Phone Number
G.K. Anarse IFS Regional Manager Chandrapur 07172-256239
V.S.Sarpe Divisional Manager Depot Division Ballarshah 07172-240406
Kushagra. Pathak, IFS Divisional Manager Markhanda 07172-240356
D.S.Chandekar Divisional Manager Pranhita 07133-266427
V. V. More Divisional Manager West Chandrapur 07172-255741
Smt Aaryashri T, IFS Divisional Manager Central Chandrapur 07172-240312
Smt. Aditi Bhardwaj, IFS Divisional Manager Bramhapuri 07177-272107

Management at Nashik Region

Name of Employee Designation Region/Division Office Phone Number
P.T. Morankar IFS Regional Manager Nashik 0253-2505168
U.C. Dhage, MFS Divisional Manager West Nashik 0253-2504933
K.B. Bhavar, MFS Divisional Manager Thane 022-25329958
U.C. Dhage, MFS (Add Charg) Divisional Manager Pune 0233-23044