Moharli Resort

Moharli & Kolara Eco Tourism Complex T.A.T.R (Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve)

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Eco-Toursim Comlex at Moharli & Kolara are situated on the periphery of Todaba-Andhari Tiger Reserve. It is a mega-biodiversity site with large surrounding forest area and thus has a long term conservation value. It is gene bank of wild relatives of the cultivated species for future use. Beside Tiger, it is to number of prominent wild denizens like Leopard, Wild dog, Sloth bear, Gaur, Sambar, Barking deer, Cheetal, Chausinga, Nilgai, Wild boar alongwith rare ones like Ratel, Flying squirrel, Pangolin & Rusty spotted cat. The continuity with forest from Chandrapur to Chimur and Central Chand Division enrich the conservation prospects of these species.

Tariff Chart Moharli Eco Tourism Complex (Gate Moharli from Chandrapur) T.A.T.R

Sr.No. Accommodation Type Number of units No. of bed's per units Tariff Charges
Total For online booking
1. A/C Cottages 6 5 2 Rs. 2600/- per cottage (2 beds Extra bed Rs.700/-
2. Dormitory 2 2 16 Beds Rs. 5300/- per dormitory Rs. 350/- per bed
Dormitory 2 2 08 Beds Rs. 2700/- per dormitory Rs. 350/- per bed
3. Tent 5 2 2 Rs. 900/- per tent (2 beds Extra bed Rs.400/-)
*Tariff charges are subject to change from time to time*

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Nearest Approaches.

By Road : Moharli from Chandrapur 26 Km.
By Rail : Nearest Railway Station – Chandrapur
By Air : Nearest Air Port Nagpur 180 Km.


Moharli Eco Tourism Complex :-
Mr. Amit Lokhande
Resort Manager
Mobile No. 8956937161/62.

Division Office :-

Divisional Manager,
F.P Dn. West Chanda,
F.D.C.M Ltd, Chandrapur.