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Nature here in wreathed in smiles, with a peerless Navegaon lake spreading its silvery mirror beneath the mountains over an expanse of 11 sq. km. The crystal-clear sheet of water presents a scene of sparkling loveliness especially on a moon-lit night. The water impounded by the dam at ltiadoh, not far way from Navegaon, would greatly enhance the picturesque beauty around.

Navegaon Eco Tourism Complex N.N.T.R

Sr.No. Accommodation Type Number of units No. of bed's per units Tariff Charges
Total For online booking
1. Sanjay Kunt 2 1 2 Rs. 1000/- per cottage (2 beds)
2. Holiday Home 8 7 2 Rs. 700/- per cottage (2 beds Extra bed Rs.300/-)
3. Dormitory 1 1 8 Beds Rs. 2400/- per Dormitory (8 beds Per bed Rs.300/-)
4. Dormitory 2 5 2 18 Beds Rs. 5400/- per Dormitory(18 beds Per bed Rs.300/-)
5. Tent 7 0 2 Tent accommodation facility not available during monsoon period
*Tariff charges are subject to change from time to time*

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Nearest Approaches.

By Road : Nagpur-Bhandara- Sakoli-Navegaon 135 Km.
By Rail : Navegaon.
By Air : Nagpur 135 Km


Mr. Ajitesh Bopinwar
Asst. Resort Manager
Mobile No. : +91-7350769874.

Division Office :-

Divisional Manager,
F.P Dn. Gondia,
F.D.C.M Ltd, Gondia.
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