Plantation Inventory Unit

This unit is created to collect and analyze information of plantations in order to enable the F.D.C.M. Ltd. to take operational decisions for plantation management. The Unit is based in the Head Office under the charge of a Divisional Manager.

The main objectives of the unit are :-

* To carry out survey and inventory of existing plantations of Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. so as to estimate the existing growing stock and productivity.
* To create a "Database" of plantations for better and accurate management decisions.
* To establish a computer unit for creation of the database and its subsequent analysis.
* To study the stand dynamics for stand modelling and yield prediction, by using latest simulation techniques.
* To decide the harvesting schedule for optimizing yield.


* Data of plantations carried out from 1970 under various schemes has been completed.
* Sample plot methodology is adopted for evaluating growing stock and yield of teak plantations.
* A network of sample plots has been established in the old teak plantations under Teak Production Management Working Circle.
* Measurements are taken after every five years and data is analysed in order to assess the growing stock and valuation of the crop.
* The growing stock & valuation of old teak plantations raised from 1970 to 1987 & spread over 94432 Ha. in Nagpur, Bhandara, Gondia, Central Chanda, West Chanda, Pranhita, Markhanda, West Nasik, Dhule, Yawal, Thane, Dahanu & Kinwat Forest Project Divisions is complete. The total assessed growing stock is 25.10 lakh cmt and its valuation came to Rs.1403.65 crore (based on 1999 prices received in auctions.)
* The second measurement of 3463 sample plots was carried out during the period from 2001 to 2006. The assessed growing stock is 28.36 lakh cmt with the valuation of 1640.04 crore (based on 2004 prices received in autions.)
* The third measurement was carried out of old teak plantations raised from 1970 to 1987 & spread over 89573 Ha. during the period from 2005 to 2010. The assessed growing stock is 29.90 lakh cmt with the valuation of 3142.85 crore (based on 2009-2010 prices received in auctions.)
* The Unit carried out the present status & growing stock of plantations raised over 30000 ha. under Wasteland Development (Bankable) Project.