Manuals under clause 4(1) (b) of the Right to Information Act 2005


Particulars of Organization, functions and duties.

Protection & Conservation of Forests :-

Protection and conservation of forests in charge of FDCM is our prime responsibility. Forest are protected against theft of forest produce, illicit felling of trees, fire, encroachment, poaching of wildlife, illicit grazing etc. The field staffs right from the base level Forest Guards to Divisional Managers are responsible to carry out this important function. Norms are laid down to the staff to carry out this function effectively. Acts like Indian Forest Act, Wildlife (protection) Act 1972 etc are enforced while implementing this function. Regular visits, patrolling, inspection, reporting of offence cases etc. are carried out to ensure the forest protection.

Nine Mobile Squads are also working for forest protection gathering intelligence, surprise checks, patrolling etc. Regular patrolling and beat inspections are carried out by field staff for effective forest protection. All the concerned officers & staff members have been instructed to seek co-operation of local villagers for protecting the forests. The Divisional Managers and Regional Managers concerned are expected to take regular review of the protection related issues and take effective steps for protection and conservation of forests and wildlife.