Depot Jodmoha

Name of the Depot : Jodmoha
Location : 25 K.M. from Yavatmal
Quantity at Depot : Teak Timber 1500 cubic meter
Non- teak Timber About 400-500 cubic meter
Teak Poles 38-40,000 Nos.
Non-teak Poles: 7 – 8,000 Nos.
Teak Beat 200 to 300 Nos.
Non-teak Beat 300 - 400 Nos.
Long Bamboo -- --
Bamboo bundle -- --
Area of Depot : 6.5 Hectare
Details of the Depots: Jodmoha Depot is established in 2001. The Central Depot is selected for the purpose of Sale of Timber, Poles and Firewood, extracted from regular departmental harvesting, thinning and seized material of offence cases. The timber, poles & firewood received from the forest is graded and stacked in this depot. It is sold in auctions.