Depot Kasa

Name of the Depot : Kasa
Location : Near Kasa village, 1 km from Charoti Naka on Mumbai-Ahmedabad National Highway No. 8 (Google Location)
Area of Depot : 50.472 Hectare
About Depots: The Kasa Depot was established in the year 1974-75.Depot is selected for the purpose of Sale of Timber, Poles and Firewood, extracted from regular departmental harvesting, thinning and seized material of offence cases. The timber, poles & firewood received from the forest is graded and stacked in this depot.
Quantity for Sale : Particular Available Quantity (As on 30-11-2021)
Number Cubic meter
Teak Timber 0 20.661
Non-teak Timber 0 63.990
Teak Poles 3769 0
Non-teak Poles 3 0
Teak Beat 0 4.000
Non-teak Beat 0 24.250
Long Bamboo 0 0
Bamboo Bundle 0 0
Contact Persaon : Name: N K Keni
Designation: Range Forest Officer
Mobile No: 9890228940