Wildlife Conservation

Special Objectives of Management

1. To conserve the wild life found in the areas of FDCM and also to improve their habitat.
2. To manage, protect and multiply the wild life by providing protection and shelter to them.
3. To conserve the biodiversity of the area.
4. To bring awareness among the people about wild life prevailing in the area.
5. To reduce man animal conflict situations.
6. To train the staff and to strengthen the infrastructure to handle wild life emergencies.
7. For monitoring wildlife advance technology like trap camera suggested.

Habitat Development Works

1. Water hole development.
2. All the perennial water holes will be identified, recorded and marked on maps.
3. De-silting shall be carried out during summer to provide adequate drinking water.
4. Creation of additional water holes at regular intervals of the areas.
5. Food/pray base
6. Areas along small and large water bodies shall be developed into Meadows for the herbivores.

Protection measures for wild life

1. Proper sensitization of staff.
2. Protection from poaching and trade.
3. Protection of forest from overgrazing and fire.
4. Reducing man-animal conflict.

Future Management

1. Scientific habitat management to discourage the wild animals from straying into the human habitation, thus reducing the chance of man-animal conflict.
2. Camera Trap shall be used to monitor the presence and movement of wildlife.
3. The field staff shall be provided with binoculars to keep a watch on any illegal activities.
4. Watch tower-cum-protection huts shall be built on strategic and sensitive locations.

Man-Animal Conflict

While increasing man-animal conflict is an outcome of shrinkage fragmentation and deterioration of habitats, it has caused destruction of wildlife and generated animosity against wild animals and protected areas.

Compensation for the injuries to and loss in Man-Animal conflict

Present rates of compensation have been fixed through GR No. WLP- 0718/C.N.267/ F-1, Dated 26/08/2019 these are as follows:

S.No. Type of Incident Amount
1. Death Rs. 15.00 lakhs to legal heir
2. Permanent disability Rs. 5.00 lakh to the disabled person
3. Major Injury Rs. 1,25,000/- to the individual injured
4. Minor Injury Cost of medication, preferably in government hospital, but in case of unavoidability, private medication, limited to Rs. 20,000/- per individual.