Development of Biodiversity Park at Raj Bhavan Governor House

Biodiversity Park Rajbhavan Complex, Seminary Hill, Nagpur


Rajbhavan complex, Nagpur comprises of Raj Bhavan Building, Lawns & Gardens, staff quarters, areas assigned to other institutions, municipal facilities and adjoining areas under vegetative cover. The complex is encircled by the boundary wall, delineating it, distinctively, from the rest of the city. Entry is regulated through gates situated one on Sadar Bazar side [Eastern] and another on Seminary Hills side [Western] of the complex. Raj Bhavan Building is situated on the Seminary hill mount as a majestic towering monument. It appears that the nature has itself studded a pink jewel on the green face of the orange-green city to spread green conscience and awareness around.

Project Details:-

Project proposal for an amount of Rs 139.15 Lacs for landscape plantation and beautification of Raj Bhavan Complex, Nagpur in the shape of ‘Biodiversity Park’ was formulated for a period of three years,was implemented during 2009-10 to 2012-13 with approval from Secretary to the Governor of Maharashtra. The Manganese Ore India Limited [MOIL], Nagpur provided funds for the project.
Themewise planting in Biopark has been carried out in July and August 2011. The plantations of more than 300 different species has been done. Various themes includes:-

1) Ethanobotanical collection of 57 species with 1669 plants.

2) Aromatic species plantation of 24 species with 591 plants.

3) Sacred species collection of 38 species with 924 plants.

4) Environmental friendly and air purifying species of 18 type with

5) Ornamental species of 24 type with 596 plants.

6) Bambusetum with 10 species with 228 plants.

7) Palmatus with 18 species with 307 plants.

8) Native species plantation of 40 species with 1790 plants.

9) Nakshatra Rare, Dashmul and bulbaceous species plantation of 56 species

10) Bird attracting species of 13 varieties with 230 plants.

11) Butterfly attracting species of 30 varieties with 771plants

12) Cacti & Succulent species of 38 verities with 1250 plants.

13) Shelterbelt plantation of 21 species with 1782 plants.

8000 Aloe vera plants have been planted for unit demarcation on unit demarcation trench mount.In addition to these :

1) Herbal garden (Backup Garden Part II) with 1368 plants of 45 different species.

2) Butterfly garden of with 1600 plants of 42 different species.

3) Backup garden plantation with 2285 plants of 50 different species and Colony plantation with 500 plants have been developed.

Thus overall 28948 plants have been planted upto 31 st August 2011 and overall target has been achieved. Some rare plants will be procured and planted at suitable places.

Other Project Components.

1) Construction of Nature Trail of 1.70 KM length.

2) Construction of watch tower.

3) 50 Bird nests have been prepared and erected on the trees at appropriate sites.

4) Waterfall construction near the Rajbhavan building .

* Inauguration of biopark have been done on 22 December 2011 at the hands of Hon’ble Governor of Maharashtra and Chief Minister of Maharashtra State.