Company Objectives

1. To develop land in the State of Maharashtra acquired by the Company by purchase, lease or otherwise for forest resources by raising thereon plantations of economically important species like teak, bamboo, khair, semal and such other suitable species as the Company may think fit.

2. To plant, grow, cultivate, produce and raise plantations of all kinds or varieties of forest plants, trees and crops and natural products of any kind and other agricultural crops and to buy, sell, export, import, process, distribute or otherwise deal in all kinds of forest plants, forest produce, trees, crops, natural products and agricultural and silvicultural cash crops.

3. To maintain, conserve, protect, preserve plants, crops, trees raised or come up naturally on the lands leased or owned by the Company.

4. To undertake maintenance, preservation, protection and development of the existing fauna.

5. To carry on business of felling, converting, dragging, hauling, marketing, processing, standardizing, grading, sorting, distributing and selling the forest products naturally or otherwise grown or raised on the lands leased or owned by the Company.

6. To carry on business of timber and lumber merchants, lumber yard and saw mill shingle mill and pulp and paper mill proprietors, and to buy, sell, prepare for market, process import, export and otherwise deal in timber piles and poles lumber and wood of all kinds. To manufacture and deal in articles of all kinds in the manufacture of which timber or wood or any other forest produce is used. To carry on the business of logging and lumbering, purchasing, acquiring and leasing timber berths, and so far as may be deemed expedient the business of general merchants in any other business which may seem to the Company capable of being conveniently carried on in connection with any of the above, or calculated directly or indirectly to render profitable or to enhance the value of the Company's property or rights for the time being.

7. To carry on business as manufactures of, and dealers in plywood, pulpwood, matchwood, hardwood, wood blocks for flooring and other purposes, boxes, windows, doors, wood pulp, wood wool, masts, spars, derricks, sleepers, tool handless, paneling, woodwork, furniture and articles of all description wholly or partly made from wood or forest produce, the waste products or by-products of wood or forest produce.

8. To manufacture, process, prepare for market, refine and otherwise manipulate and deal in and turn to account all materials and commodities grown or produced by the Company and all refuse and by-products derived therefrom.

9. To carry on business as planters, cultivators, sellers and dealers in teak, timber, wood, plywood, pulpwood, matchwood, hardwood and such other products of every description and to manufacture, dispose of, sell and deal in products of such plantations and other forest crops of every description.

10. To establish, administer, own and run industries or institutions manufacturing or dealing in forest products.

11. To produce, grow, process, export, import, and deal in all varieties of forest seeds, garden seeds, farm seeds and seeds of all kinds and fodder of all varieties and any kind of produce or by-products therefrom.

12. To undertake, transact and execute any scheme of Government or any other authority related to forests or forestry and all kinds of agency business and trusts of all kinds.

13. To enter into any partnership, agreement or arrangement for sharing profits, union of interests, cooperation or joint venture, reciprocal concessions or otherwise with any person, company, association or firm having objects similar to those of the Company and calculated to benefit the Company and to carry on or conduct or liquidate or wind up any such partnership or arrangement purchased or otherwise acquired.