Quality Seedlings

A nursery development unit acts as  a focal point for production of quality seedlings stock.  The main activities to be promoted by this unit include  production of containerized Root Trainer plants, clonal multiplication on pilot scale, sowing of pregerminated seeds, culling in teak nursery beds.

Six Root Trainer nurseries  with a total  annual  production capacity of 7.3 million root trainer plants have been set up in four out of five Regions namely, North Chandrapur, Nagpur, Nasik,  and Afforestation Region. Introduction of root trainer nurseries was done initially at Makhmalabad in Nashik district and Lohara in Chandrapur district in 1994-95 and is now extended to four other places namely, Wada in Thane, Pathrot in Yavatmal, Ramdongri in Nagpur and Chulband in Gondia districts.

The Company is the single largest producer and user of Root trainer container plants in the forestry sector in the country. The total installed capacity of six Root Trainer Nurseries of FDCM Ltd. is to the tune of 73 lakh seedlings. Quality  planting stock in large quantities is produced in these nurseries mainly for its plantation programme.

Root trainer containers of different shapes, sizes and capacities are primarily made of polyethylene or polypropylene material with multiple ridges inside which facilitates the root to grow downwards.

Root trainer container planting stock possesses chief attributes which include use of known seed origin, absence of root coiling and excellent development of fibrous root system, uniform compost based pot mix, ease in handling and transport, fast establishment, higher survival and better growth after planting.