Nursery Lohara

Name of the Nursery: Lohara
Location : On Chandrapur Mul Road 8 K. M. from Chandrapur by Road (Google Location)
About Nursery: Lohara Nursery is established in the year 1974-75 the soil of the Nursery is very good for raising teak stump and has infrastructure for raising root trainer teak seedling , bamboo and other species.
Area of Nursery : 14.00 Hectare
Seedlings Available :
(As on 31-10-2021)
Species/Type Quantity Rate
Teak Stump 775 Beds(111200) Rs. 10.67 for Year 2021-22
Contact Persaon : Name: V D Dasarwar
Designation: Range Forest Officer
Mobile No: 9423417060