The Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra Ltd. was incorporated as a Public Sector Enterprises in 1974, with an objective to convert low value miscellaneous forest into high value forests comprising primarily of teak and other valuable species.

FDCM Ltd. is among few public sector enterprises in India running in profit, continuously since 1988-89.

1. ISO-9001- 2008 Certified Seed Unit and Nursery for quality teak seed and plants.

2. Significant contribution in greening of Maharashtra. FDCM Ltd. raised 5.31 lakh ha. plantations, so far, including 1.44 lakh ha. teak plantations, having market value of approx. Rs.3500 cr.

3. Since 1990, successfully implemented Turnkey Plantation, 270 projects covering 2500 ha. by plantations of 60 lakh plants, project cost Rs. 3500 lakh.

4. Sustainable management of 3.43 lac hectare of forest land to provide high quality timber output to market and in turn, generating employment to the poorest of poor people inhabiting villages around forest.

5. Promotion of Eco-tourism at Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve, Navegaon-Nagzira and Bor Tiger Reserve.

6. Design, Construction and Operation of Balasaheb Thackeray Gorewada International Zoological Park at Gorewada, Nagpur. Design, Development and operation of Bio-park and Rescue Centre, at Gorewada, Nagpur for conservation of biodiversity, promotion of eco-tourism and dissemination of awareness about conservation

7. Established Bio-diversity park, at Raj Bhavan, Nagpur and Sahyadri Floral Biopark, at Kundal Forest Academy, Sangli district.

8. Bio-diversity and wildlife conservation measures have resulted in abundant presence of wild animals including Tiger in FDCM areas.

9. Continuously declaring dividends since 2009-10.