FDCM Bhavan, A Green Building Initiative

FDCM Bhavan, A Green Building Initiative

Constructions affect the nature/environment. A green building is an environmentally sustainable building, designed, constructed and operated to minimize the total environmental impacts. Green building provides an opportunity to use resources more efficiently, while creating healthier and more energy efficient building. Green buildings leave a lighter foot print on the environment through conservation of resources while at the same time balancing energy efficient, cost effective, low maintenance products for construction needs. So green building keeps balance in constructions and environment.

Green building provisions in FDCM Bhavan

1. To minimize foot print i.e. to minimize land use, multistoried building is constructed. FDCM Bhavan is 6 story (G+5) building having total built up area around 4528 sq.m.

2. Aerated blocks are used in walls. This saved natural soil as soil is not used in aerated blocks like conventional bricks. Aerated blocks are lighter and hence save steel in RCC members. Aerated blocks provide more heat insulation so minimize load on air conditioners. Electric saving is the saving of coal required for generation of electricity.

3. Outside surface of walls are enveloped by Shera sheets. This gives better look and also acts as heat insulation so minimize load on air conditioners.

4. The windows are having double glass. Space between two glasses insulates heat and sound.

5. LED lights, Inverter air conditioners, duct coolers are provided to save electricity. Air conditioners are provided to limited rooms only to minimize electricity consumption.

6. Fresh air units are provided in AC rooms from health point of view.

7. There is open area around the building. Central open duct covered by transparent dome is provided. This provides natural light inside the building.

8. High quality plumbing and sanitary fittings are provided. Sensors are provided to urinals. This minimizes wastage of water.

9. Sewage treatment plant is provided to treat wastage water from the building. Treated water to use for irrigation, seed treatment etc.

10. Rain water harvesting arrangement is provided to store rain water coming from roofs of building to well through filter.

11. Paving blocks are provided in roads and parking which serve the hard pavement and also allow percolation of rain water and minimize runoff.

12. Electric charging points are provided in vehicle sheds. Building is connected with city bus service. This saves fuels (Petrol).

13. Roof top solar energy power plant of, generates electricity for building (On grid net metering).

14. Project is certified for Gold rating by Indian Green Building Council.

15. Smoking is prohibited for healthy environment in the building.